SwededTV is a show format developed  by Straywave Media and Still Films.

The Show has been produced by Straywave and Still Films for RTE for the last 2 seasons and is in pre-productuon on Season 3.

SwededTV was a selected as the Irish entry for the INPUT TV Festival 2008

The show format  is currently under consideration by broadcasters in UK and Asia.

SWEDED TV also young people to absorb popular TV cultured and hand it back to their peers “SWEDED”.

The term SWEDED is taken from the YOUTUBE phenomenon of remaking popular films in a really cheap  and funny way,

In sweded TV we get teams of teenagers to “SWEDE” their favorite TV shows.

So far in the two seasons we have sweded shows such as Desperte Housewives, Come Dine with me, Most Hauted , The Hills, LOST and Prison Break.

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For more information on the show and format rights contact rights @ straywave.com


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