Fade Street returns for Season 2

Fade Street returns for Season 2

Fade Street Returns for a Second Season




“Fade Street” the popular RTÉ TWO structured reality show, returns to our TV and Internet screens from November 28th for Series 2.




Fade Street finished it’s original run in February of this year and has since become one of the most talked about TV shows on Irish Television.




The new mini-series will be a first for Irish Television, with exclusive episodic content premiering on the Internet via RTÉ Player leading up to the TV Version.




The original audience for Fade Street was young and very online savvy. This audience watches as much TV via the Internet as they do via traditional channels. So it was with this in mind that the concept of the new series was originated. The objective of the new Fade Street series is to give as much credibility to the web as a platform for original content as is normally given to traditional channels.


The mini-series will premiere on TV as 2 x 30” episodes on Thursday 1st December and Thursday 8th December  at 10.50pm on RTÉ TWO. Exclusive online webisodes will debut daily at 12 noon via RTÉ Player as 5 x 10” episodes from November 28th ( http://www.rte.ie/player)




The original cast Louise Johnston, Dani Robinson, Cici Cavanagh, Vogue Williams and Paul Furlong all return for the mini series as well as new additions, Roz Purcell and Emily MacKeogh.




The new series catches up on all the cast’s lives since the last series ended and was filmed in and around Dublin and Wexford city.




Fade Street continues to support Irish music by exclusively featuring only Irish music on the soundtrack.




Fade Street has an active Twitter and Facebook community and there will be extensive online content and social media tie-ins with the new series












For further information and Interview requests:




Laura Fitzgerald,


RTÉ Press and Publicity Officer


RTÉ Television, Donnybrook, Dublin 4


01 208 2872


087 292 3931







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